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Cheers Sonny,

My last post hopefully on the matter as it is getting tedious. However must add the following since the guy put this up on his site in responce to sombody asking where his record has gone.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:[/size]<HR>Originally posted by Mr Miller on his site :
03/13/01: Just started checking out your website. How come you don't show a history of your recent picks? Would give someone a better idea of how your doing recently. Also, would make it easier to check out your last 100 - 200 picks as you recommend in your page.
Regards, Tim M.

Response: Thank you for your interest. We DO show a record of our recent picks. Check our Track Us Here page for our last 50-or-so picks.
We constantly get requests to furnish all manner of our won/lost records. Some people want us to separate our results by sport...

(sic).... blah blah snakeoil endless drivel ...

The bottom line is, we post every pick every day on our Track Us Here page. We leave the picks posted there for at least a week - usually around 50 picks. Feel free to track whatever results you like for as long as you like; however, we're afraid it's up to you to keep track and separate them in whatever manner you choose.
(sic)... blah blah more snake oil and endless drivel...

Take a look at our current results from March 8 through March 13 at our Track Us Here page. We went 18-17-2 (about 51%) but we made a PROFIT of 3.42 units, which is equivalent to a winning percentage of about 56%. Forget everything you've heard from sports touts and "claim-to-be" pros. Professional-level sports bettors are simply not concerned with a high winning percentage. Compare our long term profits, not our percentages.

What a complete load of bollocks.

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