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Although I said I'm done I will reply to
B-bar - the reason I asked where you got your #'s is because of the layout of your reply above. I thought the minus sign you used was a dash leading to the figure on the next line. My mistake, I thought you had him up 10k, which I knew was impossible! Not 10k, not $10's, not 10 cents......
And I had to stop in to "say hey" and thanks for stopping in my thread to Reno. Good to hear from you and your input is appreciated.
As to the other site jr came into I can't/won't say. Whenever I come in here I do not put a link to or list my sites address or any others. Bad form, ya know? Just my opinion. Devil can tell you if he chooses. And by the way D & M, there is a great piece that's getting a lot of feedback (including the same old tired threats I always get) on another "less than mediocreboy" type on the home page where I hang at. Check yourself for a laugh. It's a solid effort, written in National Enquirer style, about how scientists have discovered that HANDICAPPING SKILL IS HEREDITARY!!! It concerns an infamous father-son team of mass marketeers who I understand are very pleased with my efforts on behalf of legalities concerning full disclosure and regulatory measures being introduced in the tout industry. Sorry about the commercial but I am proud of the charitable work I do on behalf of bettors as Honorary President of Slam Dunks "Save the Squares" Foundation....
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