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I think it's clear which "tricks of the trade" mediocre boy uses. They are not handicapping tricks, they are marketing tricks.

Devil, the site was not here, it was another, where he was foolish enough to try and enter to shill his service. You can't con savy bettors though and he got shredded on his record and his theories. Those parlor tricks are just so much smoke and mirrors and only work on the uninformed. He got his butt kicked even worse than here. Having lost even MORE since then he has even LESS to defend himself with at this point in time, not that he did well then either. Don't expect him to show up.

This is just beating a dead horse now, it's far too easy and has grown tiresome. I'm finished with it and out of here.

heath recommended him as the best he's seen. I posted in rebuttal and supplied numbers for all to see (B-bar, where did you get the figures you quote? the ones I recorded have him down 10 dimes since November alone, but have since disappeared from his site, another "trick of the trade" ).
Contrary to heaths opinion I believe posters here are intelligent, and are now informed enough to judge for themselves.
I'm guessing you guys won't be suggesting your friends sign up with him any time soon?

As for questions at jr's forum let him answer:
why do you choose to refer to only that particular 5 day period?
what about the 5 day period BEFORE 3/8?
the one week period before that?
the one month period before that?

Screw this X amount of days stuff, tell us jr, BOTTOM LINE -
how much did you lose in Feb?
Dec.? etc., etc.....
And why did you pull your records?
You won't see those questions answered at the site.
Because you won't see jr ASK them.......

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