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These are from the "letters" section of Miller's website:

03/12/01: I've been watching your selections for about 6 months now...(You claim to win) 56-58%. You are (not) near that. When do you see yourself hitting near 56%? How much of a time frame do you commit?..... - K.
Response: To be precise, we claim a long term return on investment equal to a 55%-58% wiinning percentage against so-called "11-10" bets. That does not mean we always play against "11-10" propositions, nor does it mean we expect to achieve those particular percentages. .
Check our current Track Us Here page for the days March 8 through March 12. We went 16-16-2 over those 4 days - (50%) - but we made a profit of 2.16 units. That's a profit over those 32 conclusions equal to a winning percentage of more than 55% against 32 "11-10" propositions.
The explanation is, we often take underdogs against moneylines and we sometimes recommend (in Professional Gambler Newsletter) using parlays and other "tricks of the trade" we've learned over the years. Please track our profit, not our winning percentages. We would gladly lose 60% of all our bets if we were getting odds of +200 on all bets. As professionals, we are after profit. Winning percentages are only of secondary importance.

02/27/01: Man, you should know you are getting chewed to pieces in (a gambling chat room on the net). What's with those guys? You've never been anything but honest, so far as I can tell, and their bullshit about the Kelly (Criterion) money system just sucks.
- James H.
Response: I was told that the chat room you mention has several bookmakers who contribute while masquerading as successful bettors. They pretend to be successful bettors while giving out suicidal advice and touting their sportbooks to "real" bettors seeking help.


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