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Your reply is not clever.
It is not witty.
Although not unexpected it is disappointing, especially so since it comes from someone who falsely believes he stands high on a rock looking down on others who are not "as bright" as he, and are "unable to pass a basic college course" as you have stated about MW posters (and it's 'weigh' not 'weight', and don't blame a typo as 't' is not next to 'h'; the matter of which institution of higher learning you have visited is irrelevant if you remain a dolt).
More to the point though you avoid the questions and issues that were raised here on disappearing records and dollars lost.
I won't repeat them, you know what they are. And we know what you are. And your buddy jr, who by the way is down, what, another dime already this month?
Please come in again someday and tell us how he is the best.
It is not a rock you stand on, it is quicksand, a muck and mire mixture of your own bullshit, and you and mediocreboy slowly but surely sink and drown in it.......
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