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just noticed my error in leaving out that pertinent piece of info and went back to edit;
came back to check and saw your ?,
was a half step behind ya.....
same con,
different angle;
Fiest gives both sides,
marc lawrence gives out plays in 50 different categories, then promotes the 3-4 he manages to not lose,
less-than-mediocre boy uses the "professor" angle, "I'm smarter than you, I'll throw out some math formulas, etc, you're losing so you're dumb and need somebody smart to help you";
it's all just smoke and mirrors, his angle on the grift, bottom line - he's full of shit.....
and while we're exposing phonies I noticed ANOTHER 1st time poster at p-boy/kenstown attempting to perfume the crappola in a lame attempt to cover up the stink, you and F mind if I expand here???

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