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Default less-than-mediocreboy jr miller update.......

Since we last left mediocre boy he's finished another stellar month -
let's recap -

Nov - minus $3706
Dec - minus $1671
Jan - minus $1622

When heath posted here and recommended jr as the greatest public handicapper he has ever seen miller was in the midst of a Feb. that had him down $942 but don't worry - he's "a professional handicaper and you're not" as he's fond of reminding you. The "pro" did well in closing out the month - he managed to NOT do worse than his Nov. mark of $3706! BUT DON'T BLAME HIM, IT'S NOT HIS FAULT, Feb. is a short month and he didn't have as many days to work with!
Feb. total - minus $2892.
Can you repeat that?
Yes, I can - minus $2892!
4 month total stands at minus $9,891 for a $100 bettor, NOT including his fee for allowing you to be fortunate enough to share his expertise.
Now a couple questions for his defenders/martyrs:
How come we can't look up his October numbers to add to this picture?
How come we can no longer see November?
Where did December go?
Why is January hiding now?
and finally, how long, in years or plays, would it take someone to win back the ten dime loss shown above even if he could consistently hit 54-58% as he claims (even though we know he can't)?
This has been a public service announcement (not that anyone here was buying into the swill anyway).......

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