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Default RE:Is it me or is Bush struggling in this press conference

I think Kerry makes a great point in saying that "Increasingly, the American people are confused about our goals in Iraq, particularly why we are going it almost alone. The president must rally the country around a clear and credible goal." Bush never laid out the exact reason why we are in Iraq, as he almost kept three reasons at bay that he interchanges when questioned about one. He talks about how Saddam is evil and needs to be ousted after what he's done to his people, how Iraq has WMDs and that the US doesn't tolerate them, and then finally says that they are involved with terrorists and this war will prevent another September 11th. Which one was it? Maybe the administration would have the support of the majority of the country in their decision if they would've laid out clear reasons why they wanted to go to war, along with evidence (not satellite pictures, either). Obviously he doesn't need much evidence if he uses the first reason since the torture is well-documented, but then why is it our job to police the world? Even then, is North Korea next with their lunatic leader, where the estimates are that it will take one million Americans to get the job done? That's what I fear most should Bush get re-elected.

Count Zero, great post. If the thinking was like that in Vietnam, there would be a few hundred thousand more people that made it through that war instead of dieing during what was virtually admitted to be a lost cause.
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