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Default RE:Is it me or is Bush struggling in this press conference


I should have said rather than "rightly or wrongly" that the issue was NOT if we were right or wrong about Iraq. Sadam had done enough over the years, ignored enough UN resolutions and bought enough polititians around the world for Iraq to be a good place to start showing the World that it is time we are going to do whatever it takes to make our country safe.

Political parties out of power and trying to get in power will say "we did not connect the dots and you failed your country by allowing 9/11 -- you should be held accountable" ---- then when the in power group goes out and is pro-active, you get the lame answers which I consider stupid like yours ".....but we've basically been hit exactly once ...... " Because, the next time we are hit, the same people that are out saying we are wrong being pro-active will say -- "you are at fault because you did not do enough" (check out the democratic position on what was done to prevent 9/11)

Sorta be damned if you do and be damned if you do not. Anyone that believes this is all about just Iraq is liviing in a fricken dream land. This is about sending a clear message to the World that we will not tolerate embracing attitudes that will provide shelter and assistance in planning attacks on the US or our interest.

Will we be able to Americanize the World? ----- clearly, we do not have the right to do that NOR do the people of the World want to be. I certainly hope no one thinks that is our goal who has a clue --- this is about making the US a safer place while retaining as many of the freedoms possible that we have grown to expect as the American way ----- The CIA and FBI did not communicate because of absurd legal issues that "protect our privacy rights" ---- some day, hopefully not after another event like 9/11, the left will wake up and realize that talking with the bastards that are after our ass is no good unless you show them there is action behind the talk. Lybia might have actually heard the message --- Syria and others may also get the message.

Your position is really flawed if the people that are resisting our help in Iraq are indeed in a small minority as responsible journalist who return from Iraq indicate ---- we do not see the progress, we just see what makes the largest Neilsen ratings when we turn on the news. We will see come June 30 when the control is supposed to change hands ---

Certainly the loss of life is terrible --- but we lost more on 9/11 and were very lucky that event was not a 30,000 or more loss. Every time I see a full stadium at a concert or sporting event, I wonder if those people are going to see their event and return home safe ------ Bush may be wrong with his approach but there are many of us (I hope the majority) that will let this play out and see if it works better than what clearly was failed policy for many years that lead us to 9/11. The Russian threat was not eliminated by being meek --- every liberal on the planet questioned Reagan --- but enjoyed the results of his wisdom.
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