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Default RE: Is it me or is Bush struggling in this press conference

"We have no choice to to finish what we have started ---- started rightly or wrongly. "

I remember the same line of reasoning in Vietnam. It seems patently, unbelievably stupid to me. You make a bad decision, one that all your friends warned you was a bad decision, and you get a chance to minimize your losses, you're supposed to persist with something you now admit was wrong just because you'll look like a pussy if you don't? Should we also never fold a poker hand we've been pushing when a big draw hits and somebody bets into us? We're occupying another nation; they're not gonna roll over, it's their fvcking homeland. 99% of the world told us we were crazy to start with this, we told them we'd find WMDs, we didn't find any WMDs, now it's time to say, fine, go back to living in your own shit, this isn't worth one more American life, goodbye.

I don't want to live in fear anymore than the next guy, but we've basically been hit exactly once, which is about par for any industrialized country, and pretty good for the biggest kid on the block, plus it also appears that with more capable leadership we could have avoided even that one. The politicians want us to be scared, so we'll hand them a blank check, when in fact we have a lot more to fear from pissing away the principles that guided us for 200 years than we ever did from some tinhorn midget like Saddam.

I also agree that the collective IQ of the electorate is frightening. But they can't do any worse than they did last time out.
I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not screaming in terror like his passengers.
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