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Default RE:Is it me or is Bush struggling in this press conference

Buzz, he was bad --- hurt himself with the press conference in my opinion.

Thank God he has the resolve to continue regardless of the polls. We must show the world that we have resolve to complete the job or we are in for a long road. Regardless of one's political beliefs, everyone must admit that living as they do in Israel with constant attacks is not something anyone should have to face on a regular basis. I fear we are not that far from having these type of events on our homeland. Both parties are disgraceful with the lies they expect the country to swallow. Ted Kennedy should just be getting out of jail and he is a fricking leader.

People with room temperature IQ's should be insulted with the lies that both parties dish out. Unfortunately, the people that may elect the next president do not reach that lofty level. We have no choice but to finish what we have started ---- started rightly or wrongly.
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