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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:[/size]<HR>Originally posted by pokerjoe:
[b]AV, I remember these guys as odds-comparison, but soon after I discovered them, they disappeared. Now they've reappeared with some new partners.

As Blue said, they never went anywhere. According to Einar though they had been working on that for some time. You have told all these people now, it will get overloaded again!


I haven't checked how old are the archives you can call up. Just f'ing around I punched in 30 2000, EPL, and that came up.

-- Week 10, 2000 to be precise, might be a tiny bit of week 9 test data.

Hopefully they'll have this full European season, so I can get to work creating an easier to access (for me) database for the major countries.

It isn't hugely important, but I guess I just used to having such a reference for US sports.

-- It is probably in a better format than stuff like Don Best too, with line moves, etc., for multiple places at once. Wonder if places like this have anything to do with them being free the IE part?


BTW, aussie, while you're here, do you still have, or are you associated with, or even just know the best site for Aussie sports? I'm sure you've posted this at BW, but I can't remmeber it.

-- Best site in what regards? You won't get an oddscomparison, stats, news, or what? Not really a lot out there. Small new market. Anyway, have been cogitating upon this soccer odds database structure myself, so drop me a line at if you want, re: that and Australian sports info. Problem being with your database, you have to keep it up to date yourself

Also, I'm getting interested in unitedbet. A visit to their website didn't specify no yanks, but I was wondering if you knew anything more about them.

-- Not really, and a couple of emails have gone unanswered. I am not enthused at all by an operation obviously run by Scandinavians in Australia aimed at Europeans and Americans. Smells a bit strange to me currently. No-one I know knows much about it either.


Also also, I believe betzone found a way around their no yanks rule by opening a subidiary called, if I remember right, I'd like to see megasports and centrebets do that, if it's a fair loophole.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

-- Well, Megasports and Centrebet are in Australia, not a UK tax haven or anything. Centrebet is not likely to be divested of by Jupiters (and hence Park Place or whoever it is that owns them, never remember which US casino chain) so I doubt it. Doubt that they care, either, being happy to have Europeans bet at increased margins on most things.

Megasports in the process of sale finalising so that may or may not change depending on who buys them, if it is not a US casino chain (and that would be unlikely) ever heard of Forward Publishing? I would imagine that will change.

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