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Default Las Vegas Casino Shooting

Nobody cares about what I have to say about Bodog? Gee, that's funny, Mike. You've put a lot of energy into responding to my posts. I know everyone that reads these message boards is well aware of Ayre's past; who do you think made them aware of it. Actually, I had not planned on any further posts on Major Wager, but now that I know that some are being amused, maybe I'll keep posting as long as Russ will allow it. If I have to tone it down, no problem. Serious gamblers only, you say. Well, Mikey, just because you got a site and are raking it in from the suckers doesn't make you a gambler. And when did you get paid off by Ayre? It was a short six months ago you were contacting "The Cold Eye" to whine about Ayre muzzling you with the threat of a lawsuit. I appreciate your concern for my mental health, Mike, I really do. You sound like a decent human being. Money is not my thing, though, Mike. I wouldn't trade places with Ayre for any amount of money. The man is devoid of a soul. I just been having a bit of fun on the MW, Mike, but I have had numerous contacts with reputable, mainstream media in Canada and the US concerning Calvin Ayre. I asked Calvin last fall to put me in touch with my 17 yr. old twins that I have not seen for 11 yrs. Naturally, since he has no comprehension of human decency, he couldn't be bothered to respond. BTW, he is their uncle. Surely to God you have all heard the stories of money trumping right in family courts. My beef has nothing to do with envy or jealousy, Mike. Calvin's fame has presented me with an opportunity to get the story of the real Calvin Ayre into the public eye, and prevent him from having carte blanche to spin whatever tale he wants about his past. Fruit hauler to pay for university, that's a good one. And I know it's pissing him off, you can see that every time he responds to a media question by saying, "I'm not going to talk about that". I'm not playing here, Mike. When people go up against the kind of money Ayre has, very bad things can happen. No one actually believes he owns Bodog by himself, do they? I'm putting my life on the line for what I believe in, what's your motive? I won't trivialize this by signing off with "warm regards", and please don't respond with more advice to "get on with my life". My children's names are William and Chantel, if anyone in Costa Rica knows them, please tell them I love them and never stopped thinking about them. Parental Alienation Syndrome. It's a modern day plague!
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