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Default An open letter to golf course designers>>

As I see it, the biggest problem is to have a track playable for the weekend guys and hard enough to hold the once a year tournament. Making a course 8000 yards and unplayable for Joe Blow 18 handicapper, won't keep them in business.

Yes, the equipment is better today. The irons I don't think are much better than when Ping showed up on the scene 25 years ago, but the woods are dramatically different. A modern driver can compress todays balls without swinging off your feet. Thus, the answer lies with the balls. A ball with less compression, AND deforms if hit too hard, is possible to make. It might be worth looking into.

Without some changes soon, the only competitive players will all look like Vaughn Taylor, or Justin Rose, or Tiger. 6'2" or 3 and 190 to 210 Lbs. The appeal of golf was that almost anyone could practice and play their way to the pros. That might be a thing of the past.

Some games evolve and some evolve a lot. Golf doesnt have to be one. Look at pool---hasn't changed one iota in over 100 years.
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