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Default RE:PowerBar founder Maxwell collapses, dies at 51

Good for you Scott..keep on movin'

Reno: I should dig in more about the subject...cause there are days when I just don't have it no matter what... The greatest gift we have, is this we should all nurture that being.

My problem is that" Haagen-Dazs" I devoured last night while watching UCONN own the game from the get-go. I go through periods of mad cravings..Pure Junk.
Part of the business is my reasoning. One can only workout frustrations so much.
I will look in the Paleo Diet. Thanks.

As we have discussed before I practice yoga also...and this really does get me to where I need to be.

It's just hard to handle these crazy $$$ swings. I never lay off any bets.
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