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Default RE:PowerBar founder Maxwell collapses, dies at 51

Reno, how's Texas buddy? PowerBars have a niche just like sports drinks. They aren't meant to be a source of nutrition on a daily basis. They're for people who burn up their immeadiate source of glycogen in a short time i.e. runners, cyclists (no pun intended) etc. They are for short term recovery, to get you on your way to doing it again tomorrow. You are absoutly correct about fruits & vegtables.

I'm developing a PowerBr (that's br as in bankroll, not bar) for handicappers. I'm well into the testing phase. The PowerBr group and a placebo group are just winding up the study . So far out of 100 participants in each group the results are astounding. The PowerBr group has doubled the placebo group. Two people still have cash using PowerBrs and only one is left with any cash using a placebo. Looks promising.....ScottyS
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