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Default Need help from Nascar bettors/Nascar linesmakers-sportsbook supers, etc.

I bet a qualifying matchup involving Jimmy Johnson for the Sunday Daytona qualifying. Johnson won the matchup based on qualifying times.

The sportsbook's rules state "Unofficial Nascar results immediately following the betting event will be used to determine all props and match-ups."

I assume that the UNOFFICIAL results are the results announced at the end of the TV broadcast, and that the OFFICIAL results are the post-inspection results, which resulted in Johnson's qualifying time being stricken from the record. If the OFFICIAL results are used, I now lose the matchup.

Unfortunately, this has never happened to me before. I imagine that had the unofficial results posted right after the race, as it must have been hours till JJ was disqualified.

I didn't make a copy of the unofficial results. I've been Googling for about an hour, but everyone now only has the official results.

I did record on VCR the immediate post-qualifying show on Speed, which posted the qualifying results, and it says in the upper right of the frame "Speed. NASCAR TV" with the Nascar official logo. But that's all I've got.

Can anyone provide me with a copy of the UNOFFICIAL Daytona qualifying results, or lead me to a way to find them?

Perhaps someone who works in a sportsbook has the original AP feed with the UNOFFICIAL results?
Or one of you Nascar fans made a copy after the race?
Or someone knows of a website which posted the UNOFFICIAL results, afterwhich the webmaster went to sleep, and the UNOFFICIAL results are still posted?


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