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I read the story. Way too much missing info. What was the banks official response? All we heard was the behaviour of one customer service manager who was faced with a suddenly screaming woman. Need more info.

I have never worked directly for a bank. I did work for a firm that was owned by B of A for a short time. We were located in the B of A in Westwood. Pretty big building. Brokers hours being what they are we had to open the building. Always had to be two guys. Me and the same guy always.

I was really young. Early twenties and I thought nothing of it at that time.

So a guy teaches us the procedure about entering our codes and having to do a walkthru and checklist etc. Whole procedure took ten minutes. Once a bank is opened its tough to do anything off camera.

Other than showing us how it was done that was it. Never a word about how it was a pretty big responsiblity and we could be followed from home etc.

After awhile I realized that all anyone had to do was grab us while we were outside and force us to let them in. Would of been easy. I remember asking myself when walking thru the place what would I do if that happened.

So I ask my partner what we would do.

"Show em where everything is, wtf do we care" was his answer.[img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif[/img]

I readily agreed.....LOL
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