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Default RE:Your 11-19 left for dead NEW YORK YANKEES, are AL EAST CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shoey, you cannot sit here and tell me that you were always confident you'd won this bet?? Just 2 weeks ago, cleveland was never losing and the Yanks found themselves 4.5 behind BOS and 1 game behind CLEVELAND... And cleveland had 6 vs Royals and a bunch vs TB.. I am sure you had to have been thinking you're probably not going to win this so called very easy bet 2 weeks ago. Weren't the Yanks once back of boston like 8 or so games? Even you said at one time that the Yanks will NEVER catch the sox.. This whole season, we were toe to toe. No one ever had this thing won and you know this could have gone either way..

But once again, congrats goes out to you and the whole shoey family in a well deserved win... The Yankees did it and i am happy for Joe Torre. I love the kid and remember how he was always one game away from being fired.. and now he is heading to the post season.
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