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Default RE:84 Lumber Classic

I see that Toms pulled out after 9 holes. Super rapid heartbeat I heard, scary deal, I've had it before myself. That makes my Di Marco bet a winner, I think it would have won regardless.

Byrd, at 3 under, is not out of it. I'd like for him to win it, or give me a good rush, it's been awhile.

Taylor and Cink are behind, not much, and I at least want one of them to cover. My picks have been coming from behind pretty well lately. Like Rose did last week.

Speaking of Rose, he's tired, very tired. Last four weeks go west coast to the east coast, back to the west coast, then back to the east coast. Made the cut each time, so there was not any time for relaxing. I like Rose a lot, but I'm fading him in the dailys. Tomorrow might be the last day this tourney.

Hey Moe, you out there?

Good luck to me, since I'm the only one here.
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