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Default 84 Lumber Classic

I wouldn't consider a 5 year old tourney a Classic, but that's what it's named. Vijay won last year with a -15, so let's just agree that it's an easy track. Some 64's were scored. At 7500 yds., it's a long one, but the flyover I saw seemed wide and mostly treeless. Many well placed fairway bunkers will suck up some not awful drives. Mick is entered too. Decent field, medium-good I would say. Long hitter advantage, but then who isn't a long hitter anymore.

I'm taking a total stab this week, why the hell not? I'm not getting any outrights by capping. My choice is strictly a result of recent performance, driving distance (not accuracy), and price. And last years score.

Jonathon Byrd to win 126-1

DiMarco over Toms +108 Chris plays this track well, Toms on a cool down lap.
Cink over Zach -105 Cink steady, Zach erractic
V. Taylor over Van Pelt -105 I'm hanging with Taylor until he loses. 4 weeks in a row winner.

We need more action here, more opinions, arguements, whatever. Any other forums good for golf?
Good luck to me, and whoever might read this.
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