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Default Remembering Marge Schott's prominent quotes:

Some of Marge Schott's most famous comments as owner of the Cincinnati Reds:

``Everybody knows he was good at the beginning, but he just went too far.'' -- on Adolf Hitler, in a 1996 interview.

``Only fruits wear earrings.'' -- explaining the club's ban on wearing earrings on the field.

``I feel cheated. This isn't supposed to happen to us, not in Cincinnati. This is our history, our tradition, our team. Nobody feels worse than me.'' -- on April 1, 1996, when the season opener was called off because umpire John McSherry collapsed on the field and died.

``Why do they care about one game when they're watching another?'' -- after fans complained that one of her cost-cutting moves resulted in elimination of updates on the scoreboard.

``Well, I don't like it when they come here, honey, and stay so long and then outdo our kids. That's not right.'' -- on Asian-Americans, in a 1996 interview.

``I don't know why we need them. All they do is watch baseball games.'' -- explaining why she didn't think scouts were important.

``I'm sick of that stadium thing. I have one question: Why do the Cincinnati Bengals need a stadium for 10 games a year? It makes no sense.'' -- during the campaign to raise taxes to build new stadiums for the Reds and Bengals in 1996.

``Pets are always there for you. They never ask for anything. They never ask for a raise. They're very special.'' -- announcing that her St. Bernard, Schottzie, had died in 1991.

``Some of the biggest problems in this city come from women wanting to leave the home and work. Why do these girl reporters have to come in the locker room? Why can't they wait outside? ... I don't really think baseball is a women's place, honey. I really don't. I really think it should be left to the boys.'' -- in a 1996 interview.

``What did I win? Did I win another championship?'' -- heading to the clubhouse after the Reds beat the Dodgers in the 1995 division series.

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