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Default RE:The Masters picks and selections thread>>

Ronbets---I hear what you're saying. I can't put my finger on it. I will say this though. I've hated the Dodgers all my life, being from No. Calif. and all, and I bet the hell out of them last year. Hate is too strong of a word, rivals with a capital R is more like it. I have always respected the Dodgers even though I root against them, unless of course I bet them. Who's my favorite team? The one who's playing the Dodgers. Lol.

Vijay is different. No respect as a human, great golfer though. It's an individual sport and all. I will say that often times I change my mind about people, but it takes a lot of years usually. Maybe I will learn to like Vijay someday. Example is Jane Fonda. I hated her for a long time, being a Viet vet and all. Now I no longer dislike her, turns out she was right, just the wrong way to state her position. I don't love her either, and won't buy a ticket to any movie she's in. I will watch and enjoy if on TV.

If rain hits Augusta and softens up the greens, you gotta go with straight hitters and shot makers. I still like Garcia for a sloppy track. He was supposed to be Tiger's competition at one time, be one of the big four. Never materialized. He wins once in awhile, but not often. He's just a journeyman, but a good one. He really tries hard for the majors, you can tell that by watching him. At 33-1 I think it's a value.

If it rains, Goosen stock goes down.
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