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Default RE:The Masters picks and selections thread>>

Couple of quick thoughts:

- 35/1 on Ollie is way too short. Betfair was 50-1 earlier this week (and WSEX was 55-1, come to think of it), and that price was a huge pass for me.

- Buzz, didn't you mention something about Watts betting golf? Is that true; and if so, did you mean on-course or 'capping? Weird either way - not least cause he never struck me as having much gamble in him.

- Anyone got any wisdom on the Nicklaus v Duval matchup at WSEX? I could almost make a case for Nicklaus being a favorite, but that just seems intuitively wrong.

- As value propositions, I like Choi at 100s, Tiger at +4.80 or higher, Daly at 400, and Sabbatini at 400+. General pricing looks pretty solid to me, though.

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