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Default RE:Is There A Discreet Way To Rent Porn Movies??


We know of at least 45 that stock only porn, plus dozens of others that carry both mainstream and adult films. Most charge $10 to $25 a month to check out one to four titles at a time. Each disc arrives in a sleeve with a postage-paid return envelope; when you're finished-so to speak-drop the disc in the mail. Most sites allow you to keep a wish list of DVDs so your next selection can be sent automatically (don't be surprised if popular titles are only available only after a long wait). The largest sites appear to be AdultDVDExplorer, AdultDVDEmpire and Hitflix (add .com to each). AdultDVDOvernight, XRentDVD and others rent single titles for $3 to $5 each. For legal reasons-local prosecutors have caused problems for adult retailers in the past-many sites won't ship DVDs to certain zip codes. the most common states on these blacklists are Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

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