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Default Is There A Discreet Way To Rent Porn Movies??

I spend countless hours behind the curtains at the video stores going over my selections and at times feel like a prick when I see familes renting regular movies and I am in the porn room behind the curtain with other low lifes looking at all the dirty titles. I then have to wait like 1hr or so when the counter is clear and peek out of the curtain so I can rent them and get out with no one seeing me rent these. A few times I timed it wrong and had all these real bad porn movies on the counter and two good looking single women would be behind me and see them and made faces at me like I am some sicko. I felt like a real dick.

Is there an easier and more discreet way I can rent these but not buy. I like new titles all the time and looking to rent approx 15-25 movies a week.

Any ideas??

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