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Default i need sleep

Jeez guys i am on fumes
cable has memphis-pitt on now and then Oak-Cuse so i will hit bed about 4.30am then horse racing starts in UK at 12 and i gotta study the form,when that finihses US racing is on and then BB starts
i am dead man walking. had like 3 hours sleep in 3 weeks

then Christmas, we are 5 hours behind you i get my balls busted on C-Day for wanting to watch games, Boxing day i called a degenerate cos i am watching college games while family is having fun and worst of all on new years eve the broad wants me to celebrate New Year with her which is 7pm EST -and there is a game, in fact there are games all new years eve/
whats a guy supposed to do?
i dont think she will celebrate the new year watching Texas tech game[img]i/expressions/moon.gif[/img]
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