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Default UCONN 1st Half Auto Fade 2017-18

Originally Posted by analyzer View Post
Uconn 1st half Auto Fade update...

The 1st half auto fade hasn't been a real strong play this year, but perhaps still barely profitable at 13-10 ats.

Actually the game fade has been a much stronger play this year, standing at 15-8.

As a favorite this year, Uconn is 0-5 full game ats.

Game overs are 12-11.

1st half unders are 13-10. However, during conference play, 1st half unders are 10-4 (full game o/u in conference play is 7-7).

1st half scoring avg in conference play: 58
2nd half scoring avg in conference play: 72.35

One stretch of 1st half totals in conference play:

I had to laugh at one stretch of 2nd half totals beginning with the 1st wich st game:

72, 72 (not counting OT), 72, 64, 72, 72

Superbowl Saturday vs Cinci, the 1st half under, and fade both came in (21-32). I should look, bit I think that has been an extremely strong correlation on superbowl weekend.

Overall I'm not sure the 1st half fade really exists this year, perhaps they have a random fix... but it's still been profitable I guess. If there is a fix, maybe it's on totals.

That would be an interesting shave. It's easy to miss baskets when you want the under to come in, and play soft defense when you want the over to come in... and really hard to prove.
1st Half Auto Fade stands at 15-10 ats.

Full game fade is now 17-8.

As a favorite, Uconn is now 0-6 ats, after not covering the 6.5 in a 4 point win against ECU.

3 regular season games left.
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