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Did you notice how the Eagles, with a 21-7 lead, and about 38 seconds left in the half, at their own 20, put their foot on the gas, and on the vikings throat...

Vs Jacksonville, who had a 14-10 lead, and 55 seconds, with a plethora of timeouts, and the ball at their own 25, and chose to kneel.

They both sent a statement. Eagles went on to win comfortably. Jackson played conservative right into a loss.

I don't get that. You're playing Tom Fckn Brady, and the Patriots. The Pats came back from a 25 point deficit in last years superbowl. Why on earth would you take a knee with 55 seconds left nursing a 4 point lead? You get the ball first in the 2nd half, you could put the Pats down 13-14 points before their offense sees the field again.
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