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Originally Posted by analyzer View Post
When you are capping the gophers...

Their two recent losses to Miami and Nebraska have one thing in common...

No bench.

vs Miami, 4 gopher bench players combined for 35 minutes, and ZERO points.

At Neb, 5 gopher bench players combined for 38 minutes, and 1 player had 5 points.

In those 73 minutes, the bench grabbed two rebounds, and shot 1 free throw. The bench players for the gophers are invisible on the court.

When they play conference games on the road, where the big 10 officials have historically been hard on road teams, they will struggle.

I expect lots of early foul trouble on the road,and next to no help from the bench.

The first 5 gophers are very good, but after that there is a steep drop off.
Gophers just got whupped on the road at Arkansas 95-79

"Minnesota: Senior Reggie Lynch entered the game averaging 11.6 points, 8.6 rebounds and a national-best 4.5 blocks per game. The 6-10 Lynch rarely had the chance to affect much of the game on Saturday, committing four fouls in his first 6 minutes and finishing with five points in 14 minutes."
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