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If UCF can't play in a 4 team playoff, when everyone in the top 4 has a loss, or two, then teams who are not a power 5, will never play in the playoff. If so, then why isn't there two levels of play there, and two separate title games.

Div 2 and div 3 have their own playoffs. When do the houstons and UCF's of the world get to play in any playoffs?

I would sort of go back to the old bowl forum, and call them quarter finals, new years day:


winner of pac 10 and big 10.

Ohio St / USC

Orange Bowl
Winner of Big 12 and ACC

OU vs Clemson

Sugar bowl

Winner of SEC vs AAC


Fiesta bowl
also played new years, but it is a culmination of an 8 team play off

Week before christmas 8 teams play. 4 teams on Christmas, and 2 teams in the Fiesta on New years.

This is where Alabama, Wisconsin, Stanford, Miami, Auburn, Fresno St, TCU etc get to play in.

Winner of the fiesta gets the winner of the Rose bowl, in the new LA stadium.

Orange and Sugar play each other in the semi's in Atlanta.

Championship can be in Hawaii every year, or rotate it. Play the championship the NFL off week, the week before the superbowl.

Then the Rose, sugar, orange, and fiesta all have meaning again every year. What a fantastic new years day with 4 quarter final games.

Conference finals are basically play off games. And the losers of those, know they have to play 2 extra games just to get back to the fiesta bowl.

14 teams make the playoffs. That's plenty enough to include someone like UCF, or Boise state or some other feel good story that wants a shot.
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