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Freakin NFL. I always like to get the rant out of way.

I knew the sea -12.5 bet was dead and was just going to eat it. I'm at computer and see Bradford is out. so I decide to do that 10 pint teaser. Pitt catching 2 I figured would be good with Raiders -3.5 and Sea 3.5. Depending on scoring in Oak and DEF in Sea.

So of course BBQ had it right about Seattle offense and the exact opposite happened that I wrote about what I needed and feared. But 3.5? I thought that was safe.

I finally get the TD going up 3 with XP pending for win. Under 6 min left S.F was not going to march field and score.

MISSES XP. First time bit by the longer attempt. Hit the upright.

9-5 + 3.58
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