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Getting old. I'm finding myself in a strange place. This is the first time in 26 years that I don't have a fantasy football team. I'm not in dog day. I'm not playing fall softball. I find myself losing interest in alot of my old hobbies. I don't go fishing as much. Even my interest in sex is fading a bit.

I hate getting old. I think it's the loss of testosterone. I'm just not as competitive about anything.

I am almost completely disinterested in the NFL. I'm so convinced some outcomes are orchestrated, that it's turned me off to the game. I don't want to be one of the sheep any more.

I still like college football, but even that I'm not as passionate about as I once was. I suppose it's because I root for the gophers and the huskers, and it's just been years and years of mediocrity. I really liked the way the gophers played defense under kill, and tracy claeys. It had been 30 or 40 years since we had one. But they couldn't find any offense. It would have been nice to combine kill and claeys defense, with Glen Masons offenses.

I can't stomach bad coaching any more. Last year the vikings lost a game to the Lions, that a bad clock management decision left 23 seconds on the clock instead of about 10, and it was enough to give detroit the tying fg. It was a no brainer. I see it over and over and over, and wonder what the coaches are thinking. How they can be around this game for decades, and not know better, is beyond me.

Tracy Claeys coached a marvelous game against Michigan a couple years ago, only to bone it up in the final seconds. They should have gotten 4 plays off from the 1/2 yd line to end the game, and barely managed 2. It was horrible play calling/coaching.

Its almost unwatchable.

Nebraska nearly lost to Arkansas State this past weekend. Minnesota tried to do the same with Buffalo. Both were fortunate to survive. I'm considering moving to Wisconsin. Badgers and Packers are so much more fun to watch.

Maybe for one year I'll root for Penn state. Boy they were fun to watch last year... and I hate Ohio state and Michigan so it would be fun to root for the lions.
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