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Have a kinda funny story about GOT as we fans call it.

I'll take some ribbing and admit I got hooked after wife got me to watch opening episode with her. She loves period pieces and will give anything like that a shot.

So I'm driving from AZ to CA at 5 am on road by myself listening to Mike and Mike. Golic has his son as co-anchor who had not seen the previous nights episode and they talked about GOT awhile. Herm Edwards was on. Everyone loves Herm in the industry and they are treating him with great respect etc.

So Herm's segment in done and they are counting down in Golic's ear 5-4...

Herm leans into microphone and says " Just want to say one thing about GOT. THE DEAD GUYS HAVE A DRAGON!"

Drops mic and leaves booth. These guys acted like he was Hitler. Golic says he can't believe he broke 24 hours rule of not talking about a show on air in case people have not seen it. I never heard of of that rule. Golic's son said Herm was most hated man in America right now. What an arrogant thing to say I thought you are just a fukin talk show and its early in morn.

Dad Golic comes on and say's he would like to apologize to America and still couldn't believe Herm did that.

I'm like WTF? Who cares.

That's all they talked about rest of show. Every guest first question was about what Herm did. I'm a fan but if I had missed show but found that out big deal. I'm still going to enjoy it.

Golic starts whining "My God we are trending on twitter for all the wrong reasons" and read tweets about Herm etc. Terrible shit.

Wanted sports on espn and that's what I got for 2 hours.

But the weather for a week is worth it

Got me some killer edibles for this week Baller. Wish Murrieta was close to ya in L.A. Would of loved to buy ya a dinner.
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