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6-2 PSG final

Score not indicative of how this game played out. I read a ton of stuff because I couldn't sleep and was bored. Toulouse only 6 away goals last year and they couldn't win away and lost last week away so that trend seemed to be continuing. PSG has Neymar now. They don't give up goals at home.Took my shot. Thought there was some value.

2-1 PSG 25 min or so to go. Ut oh a red card PSG. Now I gotta sweat but this is why I took risk. Neymar with an assist and now 3-1 PSG. Then Toulouse scores 3-2 back to sweating. Then Neymar seemed to take over. They scored 3 more goals in quick fashion.

Neymar a beast last 30 min.

7-3 + 3.90

Wagner not gonna make it
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