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that's crazy,the lighter gloves favor Floyd,Floyd -425 is stealing money.I am 57,been betting basically everyday since 1973,I honest to God have never seen a better bet than Floyd,minus the big wood.I do not care that you have to lay so much,it is not possible for him to lose this fight,you can say all you want,it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to lose,there is nothing that could happen,they could fight 1000 times and Floyd would win 1000 times.No,i am not doing a reverse jinx,no there is not a fix,no it's not going to be a terrible decision,no there is not going to be a crazy 1 punch knockout,no,there is literally NOTHING that could happen for Floyd to lose.YES,YES,YES,in this instance,laying the big price is a great play,noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,do not say you would never lay this big a price on anything,this is different,this is a sure thing(THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT) no way Floyd loses,and all of you know it
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