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Default You want revenue. Here it is.

Originally Posted by Juice View Post
With revenue comes expenses. The best deal I can come up with, assuming Vegas is going to do all the work for everyone??? does not include EXPENSES.
Pretty sobering stuff those expense reports are. No?
Si. All those arms up in the air, everyone's Vegas eyes
a gleaming away, dissapeard fast. You do not know about the buisness in any way. To much to go over at one time so I will limit this to a few things now and build from there.

The first thing that has me upset is this IS NOT A TOY. Of Bobby Davis fame at the Tropicana back in the day. Now with Will Hill I believe. I don't think I did anything as much as I was cornrerd in a closet office and he just took old school style advantage. That's him talking in the quotes.
Followed very closely by THOSE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS OUT THERE. Ownership got a healthy dose of the latter. They build things, people show up and participate. That's how it works.

They need to hear both speeches from him. Followed by a long talk with me. To much to go over here. This next section goes to things I said six years ago which Goldman had scored correctly, THE FIRST TIME!!!

The good news is that Here is not a Marketing plan has become, ok get ready its coming.

That ladies and gentleman is real progress. No doubt. 20 years in making. This all started in 97 mind you.

Now all we have to do is inform the populace in a way that makes them believe it is coming.

Which starts with what? Everybody coming out, shaking there asses and getting people excited about there product. Starting with the Commissioners. Like I said before. Until the permission givers come out and start working it there is no credibility. It has to be the commisioners first. All have been told NOOO all there lives by the leagues more than anyone. They now have to come out and say YESSS in various ways.

Primarily Adam, Gary and most especially Robert.

Roger you are in the penalty box until you call a vote on the big payoff deal. Major Leauge baseball does not need you anymore and neither does the NBA. Not Good.

Commisioner Manfred listen up. On Sunday I finished up what your revenue would look like on a year in and out basis. As it turns mlb is the big wheel in the bespoke layout of things. To keep it short MLB can develop a market in the south that will help carry all thru the slow season. However that's not the story.

Look at this way. After putting my plans for MLB away in your desk, I took out my phone and started working on my cub dot plot for the week. As it turns out its seperation week for the cubs. With 2 last place teams coming in and the rest of the division chopping most of the week, they better be up 3 or 4 games on Sunday night. All I need is the the red sox this week. Easiest week since the break ended.

Then it hit this known marketing mad man that's it, Seperation week. It's all about ttiles in this
business. Any variation will do. Weekend is as good as week. We have a pick off sitituation tonite. Way to many to go over here. ESPN are you taking notes???

At this point it became Robert Manfred you are nobody at home like everyone else. Get in here. Now. That's who am talking to next.

It is just this simple. The NFL needs you now before the regular season starts. Your revenue year will always start the second full week of preseason games. There is no such thing as preseason football around here. I have famous stories about it online. With the ability to tap there phone and bet a game from anywhere, the pre season betting market will explode upward easily

What is going to get people thru the door is these title type situations. There are least 1 to 2 million guys just like me dot plottin away on there team from one Sunday to the next. Who we got to take out style.

That is a Massive Market I uncorked Robert. Its a cinch they will play 5 to 20 dollars a day and an average of 75 a week on games they are already tracking. Add some tithisle juice a week or weekend or whatever and you can bump those numbers 20 percent starting the second week of preseason. That's the light gambling version numbers mind you.

The three weeks before the NFL starts is a critical time period now and money can be made now before the season starts. The goal of the big pay for the NFL was to bring the schedule in line with labor day weekend which enhances the first weekend of college football greatly and brings greater urgency to the last two weeks of August.

With this plan we do not need them anymore. The place is yours MLB.

Robert I need you to grant your self all the waivers and what not you need, grab your gear, get out here and start participating. NOW.

To keep it short it comes down this. Games of interest. Who is the commish looking at? Makes great headlines.

What games are you going to check out at home. This is akin to the live look ins on MLB network.

Who do you like? If you can understand that no one believes that you handicapped the game(s) and the reality tv kings are giving you a few lines with a little lingo worked in to help generate some buzz, get some
excitement going, your good. We will not keep records.

These next 3 weeks are prime for you Robert. Just plug into the ESPN formula and go with it.They have become excellent at this title stuff and will get what I am saying right away. MLB network could use the fresh content as well.

The commissioners have to take the covers off well in advance of any law or anything. People will only listen during football season. Whatever messages need to get out have to be out there and understood by thsnksgiving

Everything starts with you Robert.

That is all.

The Voice of a New Generation.
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