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I bought a used Nissan Leaf with 14,000 miles for 14 grand.
My ex-employer gave me $2000 because it was a "green" car.
I've also got another $1500 in local utility rebates.
I generally get monthly mileage checks for $400-600.
I ran the numbers on buying gas and this was a no-brainer.
The rumor about replacing batteries is not true. My buddy who is head mechanic at the dealership says he's never seen complete battery failure.
The car is super fast, no transmission shifting, obviously quiet, great center screen with radio, map,telephone.
I haven't paid for anything on this car in two years. No gas, no oil change, nothing. I do need some tires, but will probably just rotate these for a while.
The back seat is normal-size, leather interior, and a huge trunk that fits all of our shit when we go to the beach or when I coach my kids soccer.
I got a free charge card when I bought it that was good for 6 months. When that expired I got another one from a neighboring dealer that works for two years. It's soon to expire and I will get on a plan from ENGvgo.
I also have a 220v charger at my house that charges it in 3-4 hours. I program it to charge in the middle of the night when electricity is cheap. I also have Solar panels on the roof of my house that offset the 3$ per charge on my electricity bill.
The Leaf only has a range of 80-100 miles. Some days I have to charge it at lunchtime at some superchargers next to an "In and Out Burger" or a killer Mexican Restaurant. The charge takes 20-30 minutes.
I definitely want the new Tesla that goes 220 miles and supposed to cost 30K, but didn't want to wait in line (400,000) for three years, they don't offer free charging, and the federal rebates will probably be snatched up by then.
Just got back from a trip with my friend who is on the $1000 waiting list. They all come Black, have to pay for white, red or silver. They also have a battery upgrade to 310 mile range (extra 10K). I told him I'd stick with Black and the 220 mile battery. I'm hoping I can get my hands on one from somebody who buys one and didn't realize that it does take some effort to drive a electric car (scheduling charging stations, etc..)
They also drive themselves (sketchy in my opinion).
I wouldn't buy one of the S models for 100K, but those newer models or a used one I'd take.
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