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Originally Posted by Michael Cash View Post
Better processor and memory in the box. My old lady's sister got a firestick from some dude which is how I found out about all this stuff originally. The stick would buffer all the time and it was super annoying. It was like old school youtube where you would start a video, pause it, go do a load of laundry and come back and watch your video. I have yet to experience any buffering with the box.

Like I said a few posts back, you can get one around $40 or $50 on Amazon or ebay that has the 2G 16GB setup. If you don't like it flip it on craigslist or throw it out. Not much to lose the way I see it.

I also found some info online about how to get Kodi on an iPad, I'm gonna give that a try when I have some time. If I can get Kodi on my iPads I'm gonna cancel Netflix.

You can DL Kodi onto a Windows computer pretty easily if you want to mess around with it before you decide on a box. Also really easy to put on a Mac is that's your thing
It connects wireless?
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