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Originally Posted by homedog View Post
So what makes the box faster than the firestick? You have to hard wire it?
Better processor and memory in the box. My old lady's sister got a firestick from some dude which is how I found out about all this stuff originally. The stick would buffer all the time and it was super annoying. It was like old school youtube where you would start a video, pause it, go do a load of laundry and come back and watch your video. I have yet to experience any buffering with the box.

Like I said a few posts back, you can get one around $40 or $50 on Amazon or ebay that has the 2G 16GB setup. If you don't like it flip it on craigslist or throw it out. Not much to lose the way I see it.

I also found some info online about how to get Kodi on an iPad, I'm gonna give that a try when I have some time. If I can get Kodi on my iPads I'm gonna cancel Netflix.

You can DL Kodi onto a Windows computer pretty easily if you want to mess around with it before you decide on a box. Also really easy to put on a Mac is that's your thing
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