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Thanks pal, it's been a rough week but I think the worst is behind us. Her mom and I are looking forward to being able to get a full nights sleep here in the next day or so. Post op was much worse then we were prepared for but all good now I think.

Regarding the box we have, you just need an internet connecting. It comes with the box, a HDMI and a remote. I also bought a mini bluetooth keyboard. As far as TV goes I am of the understanding that you can watch any tv show ever made. Movies, not sure about any ever made but I have never found one I didn't want to see. I watched the Lego Batman Movie with my son the same day it came out in theaters.

As I mentioned, it's not as fancy as some of the other ones in terms of dumbing it all down to a few button presses but the technology is essentially the same in all of them. Kodi is the driving force and as long as you have Kodi and a decent processor it doesn't matter what box you get. I prefer the cheap ones but that's just me because I'd rather spend my money on coke and whores.
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