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Already replied back to Cash,

Just wanted to give my feedback after I got my box couple days ago..

This thing is fucking awesome. Easy to install.
I had a little trouble navigating, as there aren't much instructions, and I'm not Uber-technical, but everything you need is already built-in (apps,etc.)

First night kids watched the movie "SING", loved it.
Wife and I watched a couple Netflix series shows.
Last night the kids watched Secret Life of Pets in 1080 HD

I wired it directly to Ethernet cable, no skipping, can't tell at all that it is streaming.

Already ordered another one for the Kids TV room. Delivers tomorrow.

If you subscribe to Netflix, or ever watch new movies/shows I would get this, best $50 I ever spent. I'm already close to ditching my cable box..

Thanks for the tip McCash.

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