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Thanks ya'll my family and I appreciate all the well wishes.

I have 100% confidence she will be fine physically but it's yet to be seen how all this plays out on her emotionally. It's hard to make a teenager see past what they are doing this weekend. At this point I still don't think she fully understands that this is pretty much it even if the timeline is exactly as it's been laid out.

And her going away to school was entirely perpetuated on that scholarship. Her mom and I are not going to pay for her to go away to school without that money, there is just no reason. Even with the scholarship the tuition was like $22,000 per semester. We live like 8 minutes from Eastern Michigan University where tuition is like $9000 a semester. I'm not gonna make up all that money because she is sad.

Plus she also doesn't realize that school is gonna start before she is better. We can't fucking send her 2 hours away and find new therapy and shuttle her back and forth to her doctors appointment and all that.

Unfortunately, I think we are just at the beginning of a long road of trying to manage the expectations of someone who doesn't really understand the gravity of the situation they find themselves in.

I'll tell you one thing, after all this shit with her I'm going to get my son a nice stamp collection and call it a day.
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