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Thanks, BB I appreciate it.

Ah, Cleve it's a fucking mess. Cheer practice over winter break, Jan 2nd to be exact my old lady gets a call that she got hurt at practice, shes screaming, can't drive, won't let anyone touch her, etc so she has to leave work, comes home to get me so I can drive her car home and we take her to the pediatric ER which was the first in a long line of annoying series of events but that's for another time.

Anyway, without going through the entire timeline we find out that she has a torn ACL, a strained and possibly torn LCL, a torn meniscus, bone bruising and possibly damage to the cartilage that is around the bones in that area.

So, we met with the surgeon today to get a clear timeline on what needs to happen but she's in one of those big offensive lineman braces now, needs at least 4 weeks of pre-hab (which I didn't even know was a thing), then needs surgery, 7 days off her feet, crutches for 6 weeks and 6-9 months of rehab.

She had a scholarship to go to Davenport in the fall and cheer with the Division 2 National Champions and now it doesn't look like she will be able to do that and most likely will never be able to cheer again anywhere because the lifespan of a college cheerleader is two years for most girls.

She also will miss her Senior year with her team which is after she missed almost all of last year with her dislocated elbow that happened on Jan 21, 2016. And what is even more fucked up is that in January of 2015 she was also in the hospital for 4 days with a kidney infection and missed a bunch of cheer and school because of that as well. January has not been her month.

Her attitude though is pretty decent still but she is not really embracing this pre-hab stuff so unless she can find some motivation or I can beat some into her there is a chance this can drag out much longer because the doc won't do the surgery unless he feels she is strong enough prior.

The only good thing is that somehow my old lady through her vast connections managed to get her in with the head of orthopedic sports medicine at the University of Michigan and if anyone can fix this shit and fix it right it's him.

But, in a nutshell that is what is going on around here. Good times.
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