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I ordered 3 also from this guy for my old lady's sister, my buddy and my brother in law. I also bought the mini wireless keyboard for myself.

So far we have watched 3 movies that are still in theaters and we finished season 7 of shameless which is a showtime show.

I don't think I can dump comcast because I get internet from them and I still like to watch local news but you can dump netflix and hulu and if you have little kids watching 1 movie pays for itself for what a trip for 4 to the movies costs these days.

You can also watch NFL redzone on here as well but I haven't been able to test it out because the stream only shows up when games are on and I hadn't hooked it up yet.

I did see a shit ton of hoops, hockey and soccer on there though.

Once you get it, there is some cuban dude on Youtube called solo man that has a lot of videos about this shit that tells you some alternate streams and little tips to get the most out of the box.
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