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Originally Posted by KoolPappy View Post
The process is a joke..yes Bbq the candidates do pretty much suck.. and yes Michael Cash the President doesn't really do all that much.. and I agree with you Cwissy for the most part about the Pope.. and Howid ain't that the truth, Pope questions Trump's Christianity for a Wall when he hides behind one.. but being President has to be a sweet job with nice lifetime benefits.
Illegal immigration. Obama refusing to enforce the borders and giving amnesty through executive action. This has no effect? Only fundamentally changing the country as we don't know it anymore.

Obamakarre. That was because of Obama and he once again is unilaterally choosing to execute it howid he wants regardless of what SCOTUS or Congress rule and pass. He is even ignoring the own text of his own law with regards to state exchanges.

Ayatollah of Rock'n'Rolla nuclear deal. That's no big deal, huh? Not until a nuke goes off in the Middle East.

Global Warming, Change, Whatever. He is doing whatever he pleases on this. Ask business affected if the President has no power.

IRS, Hillary and every other scandal. Obama has killed them all. Not a smidgen. We have people above the law in this country because of President Obama. People he doesn't like. That's you Phil. He makes sure get pinched.

Get a clue guys.
Fuck you, Tiger
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