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Here is something I want to know. To me, the president is just a figure head. He doesn't really do much of anything because he can't really do much of anything. He just holds press conferences, vetoes shit from time to time. So, as such, why is there always so much angry discussion about who the president is gonna be when we all know the president doesn't really do shit? It seems dumb to me.

Also, we all know that the popular vote doesn't decide who is president so why do so many people invest so much in the candidates when everyone should already know their vote isn't worth the paper it's printed on?

The amount of passion behind politics in this country baffles me. I know and accept the fact that as an average American I have literally, LITERALLY no say whatsoever in anything that happens in this country so why should I give a shit? Furthermore, why does everyone else give so much of a shit?
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