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How about this $1 wager....

360523906-1 2/11/16 7:05pm $1.00 $432.13 Pending 3 Team Parlay
Pending 2/11/16 8:00pm College Basketball 734 Illinois Chicago +650* vs Wright State
Pending 2/11/16 8:15pm College Basketball 743 Arkansas State +1000* vs UL Lafayette
Pending 2/11/16 9:00pm College Basketball 751 Illinois State +425* vs Evansville

With 15 minutes left, UIC up 6.

At the half, Ark St is up a couple.

Early Ill st is up....

Alot of fun for $1. Of course if it hits, I'm going to wonder why I didn't bother to put $5 on it. $10 would have paid, $4,321.
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