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I could not have played that any worse.

The Uconn 1st have auto fade came in, as Uconn laid down in the last 2 minutes, and Temple won the half 31-29.

However, I went 0-2, as I took Temple 1st 10 min, and under 59.... losing the under with 3 seconds left.

I was sitting on a comfortable 46 with 1:47 left. But they scored 14 points in the last 1:47.

Somehow Temple got two buckets in the last 13 seconds without Uconn touching the ball.

Bucket missed ft, bucket.

yep, needing the under, They combined for 2-3's and 4 2's in the last 1:47. Normally there aren't even that many possessions in one of these games.

Kills me, Ucon scored with 26 seconds left. Normally the other team would play for last shot at that point, but took the easy lay up with 13 seconds left. Knowing Uconn probably wouldn't try to score again, with the score tied, and temple covering I felt pretty good, except uconn didn't rebound the missed ft. Ugh. I should know better.

Funny, all day I was going to put $100 on Temple 1h and fade Uconn. I nearly called it in, but decided to wait until I looked after work. I make two smaller plays and lose both.

Sometimes I am just a really stupid bettor.
"If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.
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