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360356428-1 2/10/16 8:01pm $xxx $xxx $xxx Win 2/10/16 7:00pm College Basketball 529 Memphis U/Houston U 2nd Half Over 80 -110*
360356428-2 2/10/16 8:01pm $xxx $xxx $xxx Win 2/10/16 7:00pm College Basketball 548 Wisconsin 2nd Half -210* vs Nebraska
360350492-1 2/10/16 7:37pm $xxx $xxx $xxx Win 2/10/16 9:00pm College Basketball 561 Michigan (1st 10 min) 1st Half -2 -105* vs Minnesota U (1st 10 min)

It wasn't for much, just a few 1 and 2 unit plays, but it feels great to go 3-0. I was to the point of skipping nights, and stopping posting... maybe the worm has finally turned???

The only played I layed off, LIL Chi/Bradley 1h U, came in at 43 points, and well under the 55.

Such a good feeling after having non-play nights that even my pseudo bets were going 1-5. You really start to second guess everything. Skip good plays, make dumb plays, it messes you up. Taking a few day break last week was a good idea. Clean perspective. Superbowl Sunday was good to me. Last night the wild cooperated. It's looking up.

See if I can get on a little run. I might shut it down for the ncaa tourny though. Despite having excellent february's the last few years, the tourny has not been kind to me. Different animal.

These next couple weeks kind of remind me of August baseball. There are those who care, and those who are just playing out the string.
"If life throws you curve balls, sit on it, and put it in the 2nd deck"..... yeah, well, that's nice, but I could never hit a damn curve ball.
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